Additional Services

Brand Profile

An outline that defines the strengths, core values, mission and vision statements of your brand. This works as a guideline for keeping your marketing strategies and content focused on what sets you apart. Our brand profile is developed based on an in-depth interview with you and/or your organization’s decision-makers. We get to the rock bottom of what makes your brand unique, why it exists and what you do.

Content Plan

Our quarterly plan for your organization that has all your social media posts branded and ready to publish, including photo and video. This is also based on an in-depth interview of the products or services you provide. Based on our interview and your brand profile, we develop a strategy that reaches your target audience with messages that give you influence.

Social Media Management & Training

After creating a Brand Profile and Content Plan, we are able to provide full management of your social media platforms. We also offer expert training on how to use social media tools most effectively. The training takes place in a 10 week session, 1 hour per week, tailored to your individual needs and comes with tasks that help you put what you’ve learned into practice.

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